College Selection Just Got Easier
College Selection Just Got Easier

Based in Union County, New Jersey, College Link Consulting services all of central and northern New Jersey. Founded by David Twersky, we are located in the city of Elizabeth. Joining College Link Consulting in 2016, as a partner, is Manita Bhardwaj.

If you’re a college bound student or parent of one, this is an important time in your life as you’re faced with the critical college selection and admission process. Choosing the right college can be challenging and time consuming. As an Independent Educational Consultant, our expertise and knowledge assists families navigate their way through this process. The more students and their parents understand about the college selection and admission process, the better able they are to make good decisions while reducing the stress.

The choice of which college to attend is a major decision. It helps to have a knowledgeable consultant to guide you through this process. Our goal is to help students and their parents make informed decisions when determining appropriate options for universities and colleges.

College link Consulting assists students and their parents in the college selection, application and admission process. We offer services in such areas as assessing each student’s academic strengths, challenges and interests, developing a list of colleges for consideration, assisting in the application process, providing input in essay writing, understanding the financial aid process, helping to plan college visits and discussing and guiding the college acceptances and final decision.

Because of the unique nature of each student, our approach is to spend significant amounts of time working with each one. We meet and work with the student one-on-one. We take a personalized approach and we endeavor to make the college admission process more efficient, effective and less stressful.